A new program for WM5 is coming

Tonight I could sleep I get up, I went to the toilet and I started a new program. Its name is Couples. Is is another simple memory board game and what one have to do is to match all couples of numbers that we have. I think the first release will be available very soon and it will be for windows mobile 5.


New web of miniSimon

We have a new page for the minisimon project in Sourceforge. Its address is http://minisimon.sourceforge.net/ . You can click here to go to the project page summary.


miniSimon versión v03-WM5

Aquí teneis la versión v03 para Windows Mobile 5. Os pongo un fichero CAB que contiene el programa y el código fuente del programa y un fichero rar con todo el directorio del proyecto realizado en Visual Studio. El programa ha sido realizado completamente en C# y probado en una QTEK 9000


first public version of miniSimon (its version is _v_0_1)

This is a clone of the popular game simon. You can find the sources here and cab file here. I also have the same problem with dobleBuffer, if I install the program in "\Storage card\Program files", it appears as a installed program but I cannot execute it from "Programs", I have to use the file manager and go to the folder where it is and click on the ".exe" file.


First version of dobleBuffer

A easy program that uses graphics object. It is for windows mobile 5 and you can download the source from here and a cab file to install it. It has been done with SharpDevelop and the cab file with quickzip